Stuff happens, stuff is just stuff.

19.06.2018 _ A spread from my thesis research.

19.06.2018 _ Few sketches from my thesis research's notes: trying to visualize concepts.

21.04.2018 _ AAAAAA! It's already one month since the day I discussed my BA thesis but I still haven't realized I'm graduated! Thanks to Stefania Zanetti for the wonderful photo mémoire  ♡ .

Trying out new things with mixed media on paper - Work in progress

Two random landscapes in gouaches

"Foglioline" in Italian means small leaves

          A person in a page, a person in a cage - Work in progress from my sketchbook

So many people, too many thoughts.

Work in progress!

Sketches for February!

I drew these dogs for my boyfriend 'cause he likes dogs :))) .

Scaffoldings, projections and shadows!  /  Drawings for planning a theatre scenography. 

The making of... sketches!  /   Developement of the cover illustration for a booklet about cancer prevention. 

Just a li'l playful shoe. 

What's good and what's bad? - Sketches for a current work in progress.

         Clevedon was as wonderful, as unexpected.

Solleone [sol·le·ó·ne] - It is the hottest period of Italian summers.
GIF and flyers I made for a Lampele event. Lampele is a student's self-organized cultural meeting point at the Faculty of Design and Art.
Homesickness as a yellow friendly presence.
   An arrival.
"A dog".
"A fully relaxed dog".
    A hateful witchy face on a post-it.
    This blue dog is my first attempt at linocut!
Happy Valentine's Day! a cheesy love postcard, eh-eh.
Tests with photos and a light box.